Oncue’s New Call Center

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      A letter to customers from Oncue’s Founder and CEO, Kate DeWald: Dear Customers, I am pleased to announce that our new call center facility is open for business in Phoenix! This has been a dream of ours for quite some time and we’re thrilled that it is now a reality! Let me take you through the story as …

Oncue Email and Text Overhaul

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      Emails and Text Messages: Now Fully Integrated into the Oncue Platform! Oncue’s engineering and product teams have been tucked away in a windowless office working diligently round the clock over this last month to bring our newest solution to life. This feature is something we’re incredibly proud of as it makes your communications (and life!) with customers easier, …

7FMA Secret Shops Oncue!

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      Watch Moving Industry Veteran Jae Burnham “Secret Shop” Oncue’s newly overhauled “Web Wizard!” The only tool that allows movers to instantly call back their website leads! (PS: Check out 7 Figure Moving Academy on Facebook and Youtube to get some great moving industry insights!)

5 Steps to Improve Your Marketing

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      An easy and essential process for improving your marketing! If you ask movers to describe their experience with marketing they would probably use one of the following phrases to do so: And it’s easy to understand why. Buying an ad isn’t like a lot of other purchases we make. For example: if you buy cardboard boxes you go …

The Future of Moving is Digital

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      Oncue’s web form overhaul! We’re pleased to announce that Oncue’s online customer booking experience has had a complete rework! Why this matters for you: Our goal is always to save our movers’ time and increase their revenue. A better webform helps us do exactly that. Unlike most web forms, the Oncue web form is more than a lead generator. …

Oncue’s Feature Roadmap

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      Oncue’s Feature Roadmap Learn about the direction of Oncue and its Product Want to know where Oncue is going? What’s happening next? What we’re working on? Want to make a feature request? The answer to all of those questions – and more – can now be found at Oncue’s new “Feature Roadmap!” This customer oriented feature is part …

The Top 5 Referral Sites for Moving Companies

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      Which professional service sites are worth your time? Lately, it seems that professional service sites are becoming less relevant as more people transition to relying on services like Facebook and Google to connect with businesses. However, our data shows that there is still a place for websites like Yelp and Angie’s List in your business model. We evaluated …

12 Digital Lead Sources Ranked

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      The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Digital Lead Sources 27,000 Lead Results, Analyzed Digital Leads: for movers, at their best, they can be a crucial source of income for your business. At their worst, they’re an endless time and money sink. In an era where it feels like there is an unlimited amount of information available …

When to Call Your Leads: 12000 Jobs Analyzed

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When should you call your leads?       The easy answer is: Immediately. But while that’s the easy answer, its not always a “Good” answer. For example: What if you’re buying a large volume of leads? Or maybe you missed a call because you’re on the other line? Maybe you’re completing a job? Or maybe the dog got out. So what’s …

Watch: Making Your Sales Automatic and Relentless

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In this Facebook Live video Tyler Jemetz, Oncue’s Marketing Coordinator, breaks down and teaches you how to install “The Facebook Pixel!” Learn how to easily overhaul your digital marketing using this fantastic tool! Be sure to share this with your marketing team, and like and share it on Facebook!