Oncue’s New Customer Champion

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Oncue Announces Newest Customer Communications Representative!

Oncue, the industry-leading combination booking and software company for movers, is pleased to announce our latest customer success asset: William (Andy) Gaynor!

Andy is an Oncue veteran, seasoned sales expert, and disaster relief aid who was brought into this role to be a relentless advocate for our clients, and will be both their central point of contact for feedback, as well as their connection to best practices to optimize and grow their moving businesses with Oncue.

To let you get to know Andy, and learn how he can help your business, we sat down and ran through a few questions:

Q: So Andy, let’s start by having you briefly tell us about yourself:

A: Well, I have been with Oncue since 2017. I started off working as a sales representative, which included booking moves for our clients, following up with leads, and being a liaison with our movers. It gave me great insight into what our customers - and their customers - need and want, which I’m taking with me to this position.

Prior to coming to Oncue I had over 15 years experience in sales and customer service, which I hope to pull from to help our customers.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my wife and our 6 children - As we speak I’m actually on my way to Texas in my 1966 MCI Conversion Bus to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey with RV Disaster Corps.

Q: That’s an impressive background! I think your combination of experience at Oncue and 15 years sales experience will help offer some excellent insights.

That said, You’re going to be our newest Customer Communications Rep. What is your vision for this position?

A:  I want to give every person who engages with Oncue a voice - I want to be an advocate. I believe the best way to make this happen is to communicate actively with our clients. It’s more than just waiting for them to have a problem, it’s also proactively reaching out and helping position them for success, which I believe is a core value of Oncue.

Q: What is a Customer Communications Representative?

A: A Customer Communications rep. is your direct connection to everything Oncue. It’s a position that lets you centralize your communication with us. It is what allows you to ask a single person for all of your needs, helps us to expedite customer requests, and relay information effectively to our sales and product team.

Q: What makes Oncue customer service different?

A: We pride ourselves on not only delivering a 5 star experience to your customers, but to you -  the business owner, or employee.

If I had to sum it up the difference it would be that our customer service isn’t just reactive, it’s proactive. Our goal is to work to provide you meaningful insights into how to grow and manage your business.

We’re not defining our customer service by just our support, we’re defining it by your success.

Q: Great, so time for the most important question: When and how should Oncue Customers get ahold of you?

A: You can reach me via email at [email protected], through messaging directly in Oncue. Or our customer service line at  (415) 723-6683, option 2

Feel free to reach out any time!

Q: Any fun / interesting facts you want to share before we wrap up?

A: I am an active member of Team Rubicon - a disaster relief NPO. I’ve worked with them on several occasions.

I'm a certified Sawyer (Chainsaw operator), and am trained in damage assessment, group leadership, and prioritizing and triaging situations through FEMA.

I worked as a phone operator for victims in Hawaii after Hurricane Lane, Hurricane Matthew in South Carolina, and for victims of Campfire in Paradise California.

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: At Oncue we value honesty and transparency. That’s our main goal for the moving industry. I encourage anyone reading this who has any questions, insights, or suggestions reach out to me personally and I’d be happy to answer them!

Interested in learning more? Want to sign up for Oncue’s services? Just request a demo.

Tyler Jemetz; Oncue Marketing Coordinator

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